Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Class Communication October 10

My apologies for this being a day late!  I was out yesterday.

What we are Learning this Week
We are finishing up our unit on measurements and will be testing this week. We are studying adjectives in language arts and talking about ways to read unfamiliar words. In writing, we are writing opinion pieces.
Sight words
back very after thing our

  • Socktober is still happening! We are collecting new socks for the Lantern House. We have a box in our classroom.
  • Parent-Teacher COnferences are next week Wednesday and Thursday. If you have not yet signed up, use this link http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080f4baeab22a7fd0-mrs1   Or, contact me for a time.
  • Today students will be bringing home some of their classwork. While we will have some specific things to look at during conferences, you can look at this work to help come up with any questions you will have for me.

Think about Reading

Many 2nd graders still enjoy picture books and chapter books that have illustrations. These illustrations are very useful in telling the story. If the books you are reading at home have illustrations, use them to help you understand the story.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Class Communication September 25th

Mrs. Morris’ Class Communication
Week of September 18,2017

What we are Learning This Week

In math, we are looking at units of measurement.
In language arts, we are working with compounds words.
In writing, we are improving ways to tell stories.
Sight Words

end hand take help does


Our class earned a Perfect Attendance Free Dress Day! This will be just for our class and will happen on Wednesday, September 27.

Book orders are attached, if you are interested. I will put in my order next Monday, October 2.

Think about Reading

Some people suggest that in the 2nd grade, 20 minutes of reading every day is a great goal! How often are you reading? Do you read a little every day or do you read in bigger bursts on fewer days? Do you read by yourself, with family, or both?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekly Communication Sept. 18

What we are Learning this Week
In math, we are reviewing addition and subtraction with groups of 10. Specifically, we are working on getting comfortable with the numbers 1-100 and working with them.

Sight Words 
Great    Put        Sound        Kind        Where

Spelling words are attached. This copy is for study at home. Word lists will go for two week cycles. We will have a pretest at the end of the first week and a final test at the end of the second week.

Remember, this is a short week. Thursday will be Free Dress with early out (12:45)

In science, we are talking about rocks. Please bring a rock by next Monday (Sept. 25th) to study.

Think about Reading

Are you reading every day? Do you read in bursts? How often do you read at a time?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Mrs. Morris’ Class Communication
Week of September 11,2017

What we are Learning this week

We are practicing sounding out (chunking) unfamiliar words. This is where we take a few sounds in a word at a time: Vol-can-o. Sep-tem-ber. We are also stopping to check with ourselves if we understand what we are reading.
In math, we are working on adding and subtracting one-digit numbers.
38+7 = ____ 84+5=___ 70-5=___ 80-9=___
Sight words
over say set try new

Think about Reading

Checking for Understanding

As you read at home and school, make sure you can understand what you are reading. After each page, stop and tell yourself what is happening in the story. If you don’t know, go back and read.